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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Few Great Men

Lately, I have had the great good fortune to meet and spend time with some men newly entered into the lives of some of my dearest friends, either as husbands or fiances. These young men have left a deep impression on me by virtue of the fact that they are strong men--the kind of men you didn't really think existed anymore, and these wonderful young men have given me hope that there are in fact, still a few great men out there in this saddened world.

What first most distinguishes these men is that they have a very clear idea of who they are and where they are going. They have a sense of purpose and direction that gives them an energy and a directness very much to be admired, especially in this generation of confusion. One is left in no doubt as to what these gentlemen think about God, life, their places in life, the way to live life, and the importance of the women in their lives.

Another important quality in these men is their social comfort--their social intelligence, as it has been called by some. They move with ease amongst their fellows; they draw others out of themselves and into conversation; they take initiative in getting to know others, regardless of gender or age; they know how to speak seriously or with greater levity according to the occasion, and do not insist upon being one or the other when the time is inappropriate. In short, these young men have a refreshing ability to be completely natural and open with their surroundings, which is a sadly-lacking quality in most people nowadays.

Still another quality I rejoiced to see in these young men was their true gentlemanliness--their complete courtesy for women, not just their particular loved ones, but for all the women whom they encounter. These young men do not possess just the trappings of gentlemanly behavior, but maintain an all-encompassing yet un-ostentatious regard for the needs and desires of the women in their company. If a woman seems left on the fringe of the conversation, these men address the conversation to her directly so as to make her part of what is going on. If she is left without a dance partner, they make sure she has opportunities to dance. If she struggles with something, they are immediately there to assist. If she makes a mistake, they do not call attention to it. They listen attentively to her ideas, and respond generously.

And yet, should this description have made these young men seem too sensitive to be men, I would like to point out that they are very masculine individuals who rejoice in physical activity, who have strong talents for leadership, who eat with gusto and wrestle for fun, who defend their beliefs in the face of strong opposition, and who know how to fend off an attacker. Had anyone asked me to pick better men for my friends, I could not have done so, even if I had had the chance to imagine them into being. They are indeed the best of men, and I am honored to know them. May there come to be many more like them!!!


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