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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead?

Every year at Pascha, Father preaches a homily about how the Resurrection bears special meaning for those of us who have lost a loved one. Although it always makes me cry, this homily is incredibly comforting to me, for in it are reiterated truths so powerful and a hope so joy-filled that one cannot but be filled with the certainty of eternal life.

The dead have not "died," but have "fallen asleep in the Lord." Christ destroyed death by His own death and Resurrection. Therefore, death has no power over us or those we love. We miss our loved ones, but we know they are in God's hands, that He is with them and protects them as He loves and protects us. We know that because of Christ's death and Resurrection, our loved ones will rise again. Having been baptized into Christ, they and we have been baptized into His death. And because mankind have been baptized into His death, mankind of necessity have also been baptized into His Resurrection. Our dead have gone before us, but they only go where we are also going, so in the end, we shall be with them again, and in our Lord's mercy, "we shall see Light."

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healthily sanguine said...

That is very beautiful. I think Christ means for all of our sorrows to be swallowed up in His victory on this Easter day, and indeed throughout the whole liturgical year. I have been trying to reflect on the practicality of that fact in my own life--how powerful my Lord is in the face of any sickness or anguish that could ever assail me or any of my loved ones. Today's Gospel reading continued this, as the angels and Jesus ask, "Why are you weeping?"