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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Glories of Autumn

Well, autumn is officially upon us according to the calendar, and it's even beginning to feel like it outside. The temperature has dropped; there's a lovely breeze, and the trees are beginning to show hints of their true colors.

I've never like the word "fall" because it absolutely fails to capture the reality of autumn. "Fall" soounds depressed, hurt, dull, and dreary. But "autumn" sounds spicy and rich, just like the season itself. "Autumn" speaks of pumpkin pie, cinnamon candles, hot cider, long walks, bonfires and marshmallows. "Autumn" sounds like the tapestry of warmth sewn by the changing trees. It sounds like the blanket of mist that shrouds the mornings, and like the incense of woodsmoke that permeates the atmosphere during this delightful season.

I find it remarkable that this season which signals the waning of the year is yet so full of energy. In fact, no other season is so energetic as autumn. No other season has that delicious crispness in the air, that invigorating clarity and liveliness that makes you want to burst with joy and activity. No other season makes you feel so capable of accomplishing great things. What a gift--to be given the spice of life in this wonderful time of the year!

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healthily sanguine said...

I love autumn as well, Christine, though I am more often than not guilty of calling it "fall." Whatever you call it, it's my favorite season. Here in Texas, it means stepping out of your front door in the morning and feeling coolness instead of muggy warmness. It means, eventually, getting to see your breath as you go out for a stroll. It means wearing long sleeves! Plus, it means holidays full of warmth and coziness are coming up, and it's just too exciting! :-D