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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's that Time of Year, when the World Falls in Love. . . .

. . .every song you hear seems to say "Merry Christmas! May your new year dreams come true!" I've always loved the Christmas Waltz because it absolutely captures the joy and romance of the Christmas season. Sure, it never mentions anything about the birth of our Saviour, but its gay melody and sweeping rhythm evoke a delight only possible to souls who know that all in the world is Truly Right, that life has been redeemed, elevated, and beautified by the God-made-Man.

Two thousand years after the fact, Christmas is just as breath-taking as it ever was. Despite the fact that the season is hugely over-commercialized, you can't help but experience a thrill in your heart as Advent makes its way toward Bethlehem. And as cliche as the sights and sounds may seem, they nonetheless assert their appropriateness to this time of year, and give us a pleasure which only Christmas can invest in them.

The spicy tang of fir trees--the sound of sleigh bells jingling through the air--twinkling lights adorning doors and windows--candles gleaming inside--chestnuts roasting on an open fire--the sparkle of moonlight on the snow--the tinkling of champagne flutes--the strains of Christmas choirs coming through church doors and sounding in cathedral towers--warm mugs of chocolate--men in tuxes, women in evening gowns swirling about a marble dance floor--skaters gliding across frozen ponds--the crunch of snow and ice beneath your feet as you walk down gaily lit city streets--family carols around the piano--couples caught under the mistletoe--mulled wine and eggnog--presents under the tree. It's because Christ is born and Christmas is here that these things are so full of enchantment.

And even if there's no snow out your window, you haven't gone ice skating in years, and sleigh rides are only something you can imagine, it doesn't really matter because each one of us is inspired by a personal Christmas fairyland twirling about in our rose-colored Christmas spirits. The whole world really is in love at Christmas--with its Maker, with itself, and with each one of us. Maybe this year we can let the King of Love reign in our hearts with enough grace to last til next Christmas, so that this delight can infuse a whole new way of life. So, "this song of mine in three-quarter time wishes you and yours the same thing too!"

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