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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Trees

I find it very interesting that through the various traditions surrounding it, not to mention its essential nature, the Christmas tree symbolizes so perfectly the individual whose birth we celebrate by having that Christmas tree in the first place.

By its nature, a Christmas tree is a fitting symbol for the newborn Savior because it is first of all green, a color long associated with life. Moreover, Christmas trees are usually, if not always, evergreens, which means that like the Christ-child Who was born in the coldest, darkest part of the year, the Christmas tree brings life into the harshest part of the year when the world is dead, as it were.

In its decoration, the Christmas tree images Christ no less. Typically, trees are trimmed to a point, so that starting from a widespread fullness at the bottom, they softly taper to a tiny point at the top, drawing the eye upward and heavenward. Does not Christ work in the same manner, for He never spoke or acted but in the name of "My Father in Heaven," ever guiding us to consider our highest calling, and our final end--eternal life with God.

We deck the branches of our Christmas trees in hundreds of little lights, so that each tree radiates a soft but intense glow that draws our gaze into its very heart. Even so Christ, Who radiates the light of His grace so beautifully and so strongly that we can hardly help but be drawn into Him ourselves, our souls warmed and fulfilled by that light of grace.

Perhaps the mere presence of a Christmas tree in our homes helps us to appreciate the goodness and beauty of our Infant Messiah. . .and perhaps, if we were to spend more time contemplating the beauty of our Christmas trees, we might in time find we'd learned much more about our God Who condescended to be born for us.


!!! said...

Who is the artist for the tree with the family holding hands? That is so light filled!

lover of beauty said...

I wish I knew the answer to your question. I'm still trying to find that out myself. It is a lovely painting though, isn't it!